V2.0-alpha.20180212 drop database does not return to client

Just testing the latest version and trying to start with a clean database:

$>bin/cockroach sql --insecure
# Welcome to the cockroach SQL interface.
# All statements must be terminated by a semicolon.
# To exit: CTRL + D.
# Server version: CockroachDB CCL v2.0-alpha.20180212 (darwin amd64, built 2018/02/12 17:56:22, go1.9.3) (same version as client)
# Cluster ID: c4257215-3ccf-43d7-842e-c75cb89eed18
# Enter \? for a brief introduction.
root@:26257/> drop database zabbix_ddl cascade;

The events shows:
Database Dropped: User root dropped database zabbix_ddl.No tables were dropped.
14 mins ago
Node Rejoined: Node 1 rejoined the cluster
16 mins ago

I expected the drop to return to the client and also that tables would be dropped since the database did still have tables, mostly empty.