V2.0-alpha.20180212 pg compatibility escape_string_warning

I am trying to get an application running that used to run on postgres.
application issues:
12132:20180222:101242.461 [Z3005] query failed: [0] PGRES_FATAL_ERROR:ERROR: unknown variable: “escape_string_warning”
[set escape_string_warning to off]

is there a way around this?

Yes escape_string_warning is not needed with CockroachDB because CockroachDB only supports standard-conforming string escapes. The best would be to modify the application to not issue this SET command.

We can consider adding a check to ignore this command in CockroachDB otherwise - please file an issue on github for that.

thanks @knz,
added https://github.com/cockroachdb/cockroach/issues/22937