Waterline ORM support

hello - as awesome as the cockroachDB-sequelize interface is, we have started looking into waterline-ORM instead.

from a very preliminary search, i am not seeing anything available (yet).

has anybody looked at waterline? it supports posgres protocol, which is always encouraging.

Hi Mark,

I don’t think anyone over here has tried Waterline. That said, if it supports the Postgres protocol then there’s a good chance it works with CockroachDB. There’s also a chance that it will reveal the need for a few compatibility changes on our end. Why don’t you try it out and let us know if you run into any issues!

ha ha ! i was trying to talk somebody else into trying it for me…! i know absolutely nothing about waterline, except some people i know like it much better than sequelize. personally, i thought sequelize is fantastic, but it seems to generate quite a bit of controversy. or maybe ORM’s do, and waterline generates the least controversy.

i would be happy to try it, although when one is starting out, its best to stick with platforms that are known to work, and then slowly move into the experimental stuff. yes its true, i am a tech-wimp.