What does 'Total Range' per node/ (per store) mean in Node Summary?

Hi, I read that cockroachdb will not put 2 replicas of the same range on the same node, so I think all replicas in a node are from the different ranges.


However in the Node Summary it shows 2557 ranges and 47826 replicas, which makes me wandering what’s the ‘Total ranges’ here mean.

Could anyone help me understand this? Thanks

Hey @zhenhao.a.zhao

In order to best answer your question, I am going to need some additional information from you. How many nodes do you have in your cluster, and what is the replication factor set to?

Let me know what that information is, and if you have any other questions as well.


Hi @rickrock,

We have 9 nodes in the cluster, the replication refactor for zone liveness, meta, system and timeseries is set to 5, other zones are using the default value 3.

Hey @zhenhao.a.zhao

Can you send a screenshot of the Data Distribution page from the AdminUI? Please click the gear icon on the bottom left, and then select “Data Distribution and Zone Config” link, and post that screenshot here. We want to check a few items from that page, as well as a screenshot of the bottom of the Database page, showing a count of non data ranges.

Feel free to post those screenshots here so we can analyze a little more closely.


here’s the screenshot of data distribution page:

here’s each database’s stats:
ds (where we store data)


non-table cluster:

the total range status shown in the overview page:

Hello @zhenhao.a.zhao,

Since we are still seeing a large discrepancy in ranges, let’s get the output for:

select table_name, count(*) from crdb_internal.ranges group by 1;

Please paste the output and we can compare.