What Web Query Interface (like phpMyAdmin or similar) are you using?

It would be interesting which web interfaces are being used, (if they are used at all^^)

For local testing I am using DataGrip, and as a read only system I use Adminer with a custom driver for postgres (I already created a PR there to have support for secure postgres connections)

curious to hear your thoughts!

Do you care about “web” admin tools, or any other type of admin tool? I’ve heard good things about DBeaver.
Btw, CRDB has a built-in web interface - we call it the DB Console.

For DB Insights the DB console is great - but there are no query / browse capabilities. So my focus is on Web Tools that can be used to query the data.

DBeaver requires direct connection to the db - for instances with direct access I am using DataGrip.

Any admin tool will need “direct connection to the db”, won’t it? I’m probably not understanding what you mean.
In any case, see if any tool listed here or here sounds interesting.

Seems like “direct” is not what I meant - not opening up a database connection to outside of a kubernetes cluster - so a query tool runs there.

All tools referenced do not fullfill this requirement. They always need the db exposed over a public network.

I’m just curious if there are other web query tools that can run within the same kubernetes cluster to enable query access to the db.