When I try to make the makefile i.e. "make build"

When I try to make the makefile i.e. “make build” it keeps giving me implicit declaration warnings:
For example:
error: implicitly-declared ‘constexpr rocksdb::FileDescriptor::FileDescriptor(const rocksdb::FileDescriptor&)’ is deprecated [-Werror=deprecated-copy]
86 | struct FileMetaData {

And it won’t let me build

Hi @jeffliu27

Are you compiling with gcc? Looks like this might be a known issues with gcc 9, here’s a github issue from earlier this year. Looks like there was an update to that issue about a month ago, also appears that there is a workaround for it if you add a line to your Makefile.common file. There’s more information on that here.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Is this the file that I have to change?

I couldn’t find the COMMON_WARNINGS in that file.

Hi @jeffliu27,

Based on the Github issue, that does appear to be the file that you should add to.



How do I add common warnings to the makefile.common?