When will windows move out of experimental support?

I am evaluating cockroachdb and came across the statement that windows support is experimental. From what I can see windows support was added in 2017 from a nice blog post on the subject. The only issues on the forum I can see seem to be last touched in 2018 with the windows tag. I found some threads on slack that reference windows, but can’t seem to find more information about the subject. Looking on git hub I see a few issues with windows in the title (even less with the B-os-windows tag).

Is there a roadmap or plan to move this out of experimental support at some point for windows and into a production ready state?

Hello @dkempeni! Welcome to the forum and thanks for the question.

Currently, increased Windows support isn’t on the roadmap for the near future so it currently remains experimental.

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Hello @nathastilwell - is there a process for @dkempeni to request this feature?

@RainLeander, @dkempeni,

Feature Requests can be made by filing an issue in Github.