Where are the Windows binaries?

There is link for “CockroachDB archive for Windows” at:
but the zip file contains an empty file.

Where are the Windows binaries?

@vguruv, so sorry about that! Looks like that links to a malformed zip archive.

As a workaround, you can download the latest release from https://www.cockroachlabs.com/docs/releases.html. The v1.0-rc.2 zip archive linked there (https://binaries.cockroachdb.com/cockroach-v1.0-rc.2.windows-6.2-amd64.zip) looks to properly contain the Windows binary.

Could you give that a try and report back?

Thanks for the link. Version check works OK, but does not start - gives error:

Failed to find GetSystemTimePreciseAsFileTime procedure in kernel32.dll: The spe
cified procedure could not be found.

The QuickStart guide does not specify any pre-requisites, am I missing something?
Do you want the debug.Stack?

This isn’t well documented at the moment, but the earliest version of Windows we support is Windows 8. Are you running an older version of Windows, by chance?

If you’re curious, that windows-6.2-amd64 suffix on the zip archive you downloaded indicates that Windows 8 (i.e., NT 6.2) is the minimum supported version. I’ll file a documentation issue to call this out somewhere more discoverable.