Why cockroachdb not support mysql protocol?

why cockroachdb not support mysql protocol? that is the only hinder for us to use cockroachdb in
Because all our database is mysql。
so I hope our cockroachdb can choose to support mysql protocol

CockroachDB uses the postgres protocol because it is better documented than the mysql protocol (or at least it appeared to be when we started that work), and the PostgreSQL license is better for us than the MySQL license.

Note that even if we used the MySQL network protocol, that wouldn’t make it significantly easier to port applications from MySQL to CockroachDB. Swapping out SQL network drivers is pretty straightforward in nearly every language; what makes it hard to move from one database to another is the dialect of SQL in use. CockroachDB’s dialect is based on PostgreSQL too.

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thank you~
So we just can use CockroachDB in new App
I know other database TIDB that is support mysql,
But I love CockroachDB than TIDB 。

You may want to look into Vitess, which I think is 100% compatible with MySQL, as it’s actually a layer that sits between MySQL and your application. It’s not exactly the same thing as CRDB, but it will let you scale MySQL pretty well. This seems a lot easier than trying to make your MySQL application work on CRDB.

It’s also very battle-tested, since it’s a Google project and has been in use on Youtube since 2011.

I donot think that cockroachdb is same as vitess .vitess is not a ACID database 。

why do u love crdb then tidb? can u make comparison with crdb and tidb?!thx!