Why did you make v.2 incompatible with "cockroach sql" from previous versions?

This choice, with no warnings… broke a bunch of our k8s cronjobs. Please don’t do this again without ample warnings about the breaking change.

Hi Jim!

Thank you for your interest in CockroachDB.
I have here in my terminal a server running 2.0.1 and a cockroach sql client running 1.1.6, and they seem to interact with each other without problem.

Can you describe the symptoms of the problem in more details? If there’s an incompatibility it was likely not intended and perhaps we can improve the situation!

we had cronjobs using the v1.6.x container and when they tried to connect to v2.0.0 the server said they were incompatible.

  1. what command was invoked on the client? Was this just cockroach sql or were there other command-line arguments? Can you share?

  2. what do you mean with “the server said they were incompatible”? Was there an error message? Can you copy-paste this error message?

cockroach sql --certs-dir /blah/blah

We fixed all the errors by changing the containers in all the cronjobs… so no errors to cut/paste anymore

I am sorry you had this bad experience. I would totally empathize with the inconvenience, and please believe that we are committed to backward compatibility. If you notice anything unseemgly, please let us know as soon as possible. We’d love to fix any bug that gets in your way.

no worries… I brought it up here because it was surprising and not typical for the work your team executes. Long live da Roach!