Why is running in Docker error-prone?

On https://www.cockroachlabs.com/docs/stable/install-cockroachdb.html
it says
Running a stateful application like CockroachDB in Docker is more complex and error-prone than most uses of Docker. Unless you are very experienced with Docker, we recommend starting with a different installation and deployment method.

Why is running CockroachDB in Docker error-prone? Isn’t CockroachDB designed to tolerate failures? I thought the state is replicated so that individual failures don’t stop the cluster from working. Is it docker networking issues or something else?

I am new to CockroachDB myself.

Thanks very much all

Hi @bre,

The reason that warning is there is because many users who tried running CockroachDB in Docker were running into configuration-related problems. Most of the problems were caused by a poor understanding of how to use Docker, rather than there being anything that could be fixed or improved about CockroachDB. That’s why the warning says “Unless you are very experienced”, since if you know what you’re doing with Docker you should be fine.

See https://github.com/cockroachdb/docs/issues/907 for the original discussion about adding a disclaimer.

Ok thanks very much Alex. I read through that, it’s an interesting conversation.