Wildcard search within Array

Hi - I have a table definition similar to below. I would like to do a wildcard search on the Array column. What is the best approach for this?

create table A (col1 uuid, col2 uuid, col3 STRING[], constraint pk_A Primary key (col1, col2))

I want to get distinct of col2. my filters are on col1 and the wildcard on col3 can only be applied right now after unnesting(according to the docs). wonder if it is possible at all to perform wildcard without unnesting. If that is the only way, what are my other alternatives as the query performance is not great with unnesting in subquery and then applying wildcard filter

Hey @jkondapalli,

You are only able to perform the unnest function on a string element, therefore unnesting is required.

Can you run explain on the sql statement you are issuing and the actual statement itself and paste the output here?

Can you provide more insight as to what you are trying to return.