Windows 7 support for Development

Can you please provide the support for Windows 7 system for Development purpose, all of them are not having windows 8

If you can give a support for Windows 7 that will definitely help in development activities, deployment wise anyway we will use Linux or Cloud so that should not be a problem.

I personally don’t know why exactly, but Windows 7 is not supported. I think it’d unlikely we’ll put work into supporting it.
I’d advise you to run the Linux binary in a Docker container. We provide deployment instructions for those. Does that work for you?

Sure, can you please share the details.

Simply follow our Windows install instructions. You’ll want to click on the “Use Docker” tab once the page loads.

To give you more details, we don’t support Windows 7 because it provides no means of accessing a system clock with sub-millisecond resolution, which some of our tests depend on. It might be possible to get around this in Go 1.9; we’re investigating, but don’t hold your breath.