Windows Start problem

The cockroach command below panicked as shown. Also I had run the CMD/PS as administrator… this wasn’t mentioned in the docs. It was unable to do symlinking otherwise.

.\cockroach start --insecure --host=localhost
… elided …

  • ERROR: a panic has occurred!

Failed to find GetSystemTimePreciseAsFileTime procedure in kernel32.dll: The specified procedure could not be found.


CockroachDB requires Windows 8 or newer. This error message will be improved in version 1.0.1, and administrator permissions will no longer be required.

Thank you. I should have run this on my Win10 box… sorry to take up the bandwith…

No problem, @mandolyte! In this case, the solution—improving the error messaging on unsupported Windows versions—was already in progress, but that’s not always the case. Issues like these are really helpful in guiding where we need more documentation/better error messages.