Wordpress & LAMP migration

hello -

wordpress of course is primary (or entirely?) LAMP based, with the ‘P’ being PHP.

has there been any thoughts in migrating wordpress, or any LAMP project, over to cockroachDB?

Hi @edwardsmarkf. We haven’t thought much about migrating any applications ourselves, although something like Wordpress, as a PHP app with lots of MySQL-specific database commands littered throughout, is unlikely to (ever?) work.

Regarding other applications, we are currently working to support various ORM through Postgres drivers, although PHP didn’t make the initial cut. However, even if we do support a PHP ORM down the road, it looks like Wordpress would be difficult - various efforts to port it from MySQL to Postgres have not been successful due to it’s usage of various MySQL specific directives throughout its internals (See this official response. Furthermore, various plugins do their own thing, and they would have to be individually ported. Finally, Wordpress developers are likely to make breaking changes, requiring constant maintenance overhead.

On the ORM thread you can advocate for a specific ORM if you’re particularly interested in it; we’re actively soliciting feedback there. However, we do advise some caution as many existing large applications do database specific things, and we don’t want to encourage the notion that you can drop-in replace Postgres with cockroach, (even for a Postgres app written using an ORM we support) as we will not support every line of Postgres, and many applications do end up using custom directives. An application that just uses an ORM that we support (without doing anything database-specific) would work, but we’re still actively working on that ORM support for now.