Workload/queries distribution on the nodes

I have CRDB with 3 nodes.

Q1. How to see the distribution of a running query on each node?

Q2. How to see the list of processes on each node?

Q3. Is there any processes_id associated with the queries? and if yes, what’s the command to access that?

Q4. How to kill a process?


Hi @Cyrus,

The upcoming 1.1 release will include some relevant features:

  • The SHOW QUERIES statement will give you details about active queries, including the ID of each query.
  • For queries that are running too long, you can use the ID with the CANCEL QUERY statement.
  • The SHOW SESSIONS statement will give you details about active connections to the cluster.
  • The SHOW JOBS statement (not documented yet) will give you details about active enterprise backup/restore jobs, as well as schema changes (statements beginning with ALTER).
  • You’ll also be able to pause, resume or cancel backup/restore jobs with additional statements (not documented yet).

To try out these features early, just use the latest 1.1 alpha release.

Let me know if there are other specific abilities you’re looking for.


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