Write and update limits for a single statement. Resolved as of v2.1. See #23373?

I recently see the known limitation page, and find out that the write limitation is lifted, so I tired to copy a large table with insert…select statement on v2.1, and found out that I am still getting “transaction is too large to complete;” error.
I believe that is not resolved, and it won’t happen with v2.1. Because this top needed feature for me is pushed to later since v1.1

Just want to point out that this page https://www.cockroachlabs.com/docs/stable/known-limitations.html#write-and-update-limits-for-a-single-statement may be a little not up-to-date.

Hi @leokwan,

Can you give us a bit more detail about the environment, the schema, and the statement you’re trying to execute? Which version of 2.1 are you using? Either this is a new issue, or the fix wasn’t in the particular binary you’ve been testing.

I am using v2.1.0-alpha.20180730.

I have a table with 80G of data. I need to copy this to a new table. so I
inserto into NewTable select * from OldTable;

And it’s give me an error
pq: transaction is too large to complete; try splitting into pieces
when my new table grow to around 85MB.

Also, do #23373. have anything related to this limitation?

Hey @leokwan,

I think you’re running into this known issue. We should update the known limitations to address that fact, I’ll put a docs ticket in.

Just to close the loop here: I removed the “resolved” message from the docs and clarified. Thanks for pointing this out!